Hey guys,

The BOP and Tiger Beat offices had a special guest editor yesterday. If you read the blog, you’d know that Monique Coleman – star of High School Musical – was here at the office creating the magazines you love. She helped pick out cute posters, read your fan mail, even posted yesterday’s Blog Girl entry for me! She’s totally sweet and couldn’t stop gushing about the office. “This is such a fun office, you guys,” Monique said. I told her how much I enjoyed her dancing and singing at the High School Musical concert last Monday. I had front row seats to the hottest concert of the year! Well, the office just loved having Monique here, especially when she conducted a meeting with the staff and handed out Sweet Tarts (her favorite candy). She also spilled High School Musical 2 secrets to me. Hey, you’re gonna have to wait and see Monique’s fun day at a future issue of Tiger Beat. I’ll keep you posted!

Blog Girl