OMJ!!! I just got back from the Camp Rock premiere in New York City! I was invited to cover the press line and talk to all the stars of this summer’s hottest movie. I can barely contain my self it was sooo cool.

Jonas fans were lining up outside the theater since nine this morning! I would have, too, but I had a press pass which was shaped like a guitar pick! With all the fans lined up on one side of the street and the red carpet (which was actually white) on the other I had the perfect view of everything going on. The entire cast including Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers walked down the street in front of all their fans to say hello and greet them before crossing over to talk to the press.

Everyone looked amazing. Demi was wearing a above the knee black skirt, black heels and a black tank top with an awesome beaded design on it. She was so excited to see me and gave me a hug and we chatted about what she hopes happenes to her character in Camp Rock 2.

I caught up with Anna Maria Perez de Tagle who was in a gorgeous red dress and black lacy shrug, Meaghan Martin who was rocking a fierce hot pink dress and Alyson Stoner who was wearing skinny jeans, heels and a fabulous blue top.

A few minutes later…the JONAS BROTHERS!!! They were right in front of me and they were H-O-T…they always look great. Nick had on a greenish khaki colored blazer a white shirt and tie, Joe wore a pink v-neck t-shirt and navy blue blazer and Kevin had on a grey blazer and white collared shirt unbuttoned a little.

Nick came right up to give me a hug. I got hugs from Joe and Kevin too! They were happy to see me and I got to ask them questions about their new album, the status of their J.O.N.A.S. TV show and Kevin gave me a hug when they were walking away and said, “You look great.” I almost fainted! The JoBros took time to thank everyone for coming and even went out onto the street after they finished their press to wave to their fans and stand for a few pics.

I’ll post PHOTOS soon. My heart is still racing from the event…JONAS BROTHERS ROCK!!!

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