If you watched last night, you know that David Archuleta visited Season 8 of American Idol. He had a great time and a lot of memories came flooding back for him. It must have been a very different experience of being on the show as a guest rather than a competitor. “I was actually pretty nervous,” David smiled, “You know, it was the stage that I got judged every week so it was pretty freaky.” He loved meeting the new contestants, too! “It’s pretty cool getting to know everyone,” David shared, “You hear opinions about people from word of mouth, but getting to meet them in person is so much better because you get to really just feel their energy and just get to talk to them – get to know them.” Check out this video David made RIGHT after he visited the set of American Idol and hear about his experience for yourself! Then, if you missed it, watch his performance in the second video below!

So, what do you think?! Who do YOU think the final two are going to be???