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Miley Cyrus: BAD Hair Day?!

July 30, 2009


OMG! Check out this hilarious pic of Miley Cyrus – looks like she’s having a bad hair day, but it’s probably just something she had to do while she was on set filming The Last Song. What on earth kind of scene could this be from? Could Miley’s character have gotten caught in a tornado? Or, maybe she fell in a trash bin? Any guesses?! Leave them HERE!

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  1. Sydney Jonas says:

    Wow! That picure is SO funny! I can’t wait 2 see that movie!

  2. mrs.nick jonas says:

    i love u miley she probably just woke up from bed and while she was sleeping an eggbeater did her hair lol no ofense to her

  3. Nika Joenas says:

    Ha! Lovin the hair. At least she sports it half decently. But it looks like there is a huge ball of fur on her head.

  4. brooklyn says:

    I bet she was in a trash bin for some weird scene in her movie

    second to comment

  5. vicknes leandra says:

    haha.. i saw dat pic of her on her twitter page :) it was so funny.. i figure it could be from the movie she is currently filmimng!!!!!!!!

  6. JENNAZ says:

    ummmmm—-…:( I guess she fell in to a trash can then hair sprayed her hair……..:) so good 4 her..

  7. jasmine sheckler says:

    she probly was caught in a tornado! hahaha

  8. Carter aka CLEVELAND says:

    This is what she looks like without make up

  9. Faith says:

    LOL! That’s so funny! I bet she was at a caraval or something and fell in a trash bin ’cause she has cotton candy in her hair!

  10. Ashley Jonas says: