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Does Taylor Lautner Have a FUTURE In Comedy?!

December 14, 2009

Did you all watch Taylor Lautner take over SNL on Saturday? It sure was a far cry from playing Jacob Black but he did SUCH a great job! Along with sketches that poked fun at the whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate, he ALSO poked fun at his heartthrob image. “It’s been a big year for me, I was in a movie called New Moon Tay said in his monologue “I ALSO took my shirt off a lot.” Taylor ALSO talked about his rumored crush Taylor Swift and acted out what he would have LOVED to have done during her awkward VMA moment with Kanye West. See it for yourself in the video above! Do YOU think Taylor Lautner has a future in comedy?

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  1. marrisa says:

    i totlly think that jacob in twlight is so hot

  2. shianna says:

    he is sooooo HOT!!!and he is funny i watched SNL on saturday and i could not stop laughing!!!

  3. Jahnay says:

    Taylor Lautner is awesome!!!!

  4. jessie says:

    omg i love you taylor are soo hot! i loved the videos soo much! taylor you really do have a future is comedy! your awesome in the movies and in this ^ video!

  5. Twilightfan says:

    Well,it’s not that funny,but even though I’m team Edwatd,well, Tay is real hot with his shirt of!! Love Twilight.

  6. Alexandra says:


  7. Aria says:

    i laughed sooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes so cute! i now like him better then robert. or just about the same….. haha

  8. Jordan says:

    Hes good at martial arts and he is freakin funny!!!

  9. Cyreena says:

    This is soo funny! HAHA

  10. Cortney (Justin Biebers lover) says:

    I loved it!
    My favorite one was the Jacob and Edward one.
    Its was way funnie, and Taylor did a great job! :)