Tiger Beat

Would Justin Bieber date a fan? Find out in Tiger Beat!

January 26, 2010


If YOU think you’re Justin Bieber’s #1 fan, then March Tiger Beat magazine is DEFINITELY for you – it’s got MORE Justin than ever before! Besides TWO ginormous HOT posters that are included FREE with the issue, YOU have a chance to WIN his picture frame AND his stuffed bear! Besides that, we’ll give you the inside scoop on weather or not YOU have what it takes to be his girl! So run (don’t walk!) to the nearest store today and get YOUR copy of March Tiger Beat!

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  1. courtney says:

    ! think this is great i loooooooooooooooove justin i think i’m his #1 fan how bout you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:]


  2. Ana says:

    OMG! i love justin so much! <3

  3. sophie says:

    OMG!.. I love justin bieber!!!!!!!!!! But I dont live in the US.. so :( But I love himmmmmmmm!!!! He is so cute

  4. Delanie says:

    omg i love him with all my heart just in that picture loook at his beautiful eyes and smile and hes just so perfect in EVERY way and I love his music too!

  5. alexis says:


  6. Natanya says:

    I looooooooooove Justin Bieber I have tons of posters of him and magazins and I listen to his music every day I love him!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sara says:

    hey justin i just want to say that you are the cutest boy i have ever seen your eyes and your smail and evry thing you have make me happy and burning up i hope you like me 2 :3

    frome your fan 1 >> LOVE U

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I dont live in the US, but I live in canada ontario!
    I am in music also. I sing I can play the drums and i can play the trumpet! I have a gold medal for singing and in my school band i always sang a song.
    Last year I had to sing a Japanise song! lol 😉
    Now, I wont go crazy for u, i know u dont like that, so,, just to let u know i think that u deserve me. no effence…… :)
    Sincerly, Lizzie! 😉 :)

  9. Joujou says:

    Justin if your looking for a girl it should be me! I have a cute smile , I have a great sens of humor , when your going to look me in the eyes your going to fall in love with me and I’ll drive you crazy with my personnality! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!

  10. jackie says:

    dear justin i just wanted to say that i love ur songs and i think ur the best i would really like to meat u. i love to sing and i was in everyone of my school talent show’s. i think im good but not as good as u r………… and i would also lke to sing in frount of a big aduince but i dont know how to wright my own song…….. so if u could teach me how that would be awsom. im you could try to find out my e-mail address than that would be fantastic. ohhhhhhh but did i mention that ur the best:) ttyl see ya later lvu biiiiiiiiiii