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Selena Gomez SHOCKER: “I get TEASED!”

February 23, 2010

Selena Gomez

Everyone loves Selena Gomez—what’s not to love about her? She’s adorable, super sweet and awesome at everything she does! But in this month’s issue of Tiger Beat, Selena opens up about getting teased! Yup, even a sweetheart like Selena had to deal with bullies growing up! Make sure to pick up a copy of April’s Tiger Beat to see how Sel overcame her haters and how she stuck up for herself!

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Aww she’s so cute! I saw her in concert last week, and she’s amazing!! :)))

  2. Victoria says:

    How could could someone tease Seleina Gomez She is amazing!!!!!

  3. SelenaGomez1992 says:

    selena gomez is awesome no matter What!!

  4. saddleup says:

    Well thts ok everyone gets teased including the fab me!!!!! its otay

  5. mnmpeanut says:

    Sometimes i get tesed.

  6. bieberwife#1 says:

    i honestly don’t care because i’m not a fan and she stole my boyfriend, justin bieber. so what everyone gets teased.

  7. mary ashley says:

    hay selean you are making the right decison to pick justin b he is so cut! and my couison and i thank he is so cute o and my couison name is gracelyn coker. o and i aomst for got you are so pertty

    peace out

  8. niloo.n996 says:

    aww Selena i hope u get better soon^_^love u sooo much

  9. jbfan1 says:

    omg she got teased! it’s ok selena i get teased too sometimes

  10. dina says:

    it is normal to get teased for celebs!