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Justin Bieber’s HOT New Music Video for “Never Say Never!”

June 1, 2010

Justin Bieber teamed up with Jaden Smith to record a hot new track for Jaden’s new movie Karate Kid! Justin tweeted this with a link to watch the video: “#NeverSayNever to believing in your dreams…u all make mine come true everyday. thank u :)” We love the song and think it’s got a great beat! It’s got such a amazing, positive message, too. The video is SO cute–we love when Justin and Jaden get silly at the end! Watch the video and tell us what you think of the song.

Are YOU guys going to watch Karate Kid? It comes out June 11th!

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  1. katie says:

    OMG! i love this videooo!!!!(: justins so hot in it<3 and jaden is a good rapper(:

  2. jessa says:

    how cute! i love it lol my favorite video of his so far!

  3. Chloe says:

    wow. this song rocks! i think i might just watch this movie just for the song…lol. and yeah Jaden is a good rapper. i am def buying.

  4. Chloe says:

    oh ya and i love how justin is just eating some licorice. lol!

  5. Madisyn says:

    I Like Justin Bieber in this. But Jayden Smith is good in this.

  6. Madisyn says:

    Sorry i spelled jayden like this i mean jaden smith

  7. Renee says:

    this is the best video ever i love it!!!!! jaden smith have a better voice than JB my opinion but Jb is cuter

  8. Soph says:

    Justin this Justin that…
    does he come out with a new video every month or something??

  9. sequoia says:

    that is cute!! i love the song!! way to go Justin and Jaden =]

  10. Girl You Don't Know (A.K.A. Erica) says:

    I have seen this music video on another web site!
    JB RULES! (My motto if you are wondering.)