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Watch: What Does Cody Simpson Look For In a Girl? (It Could Be YOU!)

July 16, 2010

OMG, you guys! We got to hang out with Australian cutie Cody Simpson when he stopped by Radio Disney for his “Take Over with Ernie D!” It was so much fun chatting with him about his first big radio interview, what he misses most about home and of course–girls! We just looove his Australian accent! It’s just too cute, don’t you agree? Watch the video above to see what Cody looks for in a girl. It could be YOU!

Be sure to listen to Cody Simpson on Radio Disney at 3 pm (PST)/6 pm (EST)! Cody will be talking with Ernie D. and Jake about his musical inspirations, favorite activities and all things GIRLS!

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  1. Claira says:

    he is SO not a justin wannabe. He may be making the same genre of music as him, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be like him, so let’s stop comparing the two, alright?

  2. ODOG says:

    Just cuz Cody is around the same age as Biebs and has a soft voice it does not mean that he is a wannabe. If Joe Jonas likes sausage and you like sausage it does not mean you are a Jonas wannabe. Come on get real and don’t be stupid. Besides Justin Biber is going through puberty and his voice is tougher now.

  3. K12 says:

    Instead of girls he says Gols. And instead of laugh he says Lof.

  4. emily says:

    I would die if I ever meet Cody but atleast I would die happy:) <3

  5. mb:) says:

    he’s OK i guess

  6. Wobblesmm3 says:

    Well, I have both those qualities. And that sounds like a pretty good date to me. But it’s not like your going to date me. Anyways, I can’t even date. Yeah. Well, I like your song Iyiyi. Keep rockin and doing what ever you do, dude! XD

  7. tari says:

    um ya ok………………

  8. syarafina says:

    I love you Cody Simpson 😀
    Could it be me?

  9. Esther says:

    Please spam Beatrice’s comment ): People!!! Everyone has different taste of music so stop saying he’s trying to be Justin Bieber cause he’s NOT!!! Gosh you people are so mean

    I love you Cody!

  10. tgfanforever says:

    you are so sweet cody simpson