Photo Credit: Catharine Acurso

It’s week 11 of Allstar Weekend’s BOP and Tiger Beat Tour Diary, and we have BIG NEWS for you! The guys are releasing a new album, Suddenly Yours, on October 19! It will have all of the songs from their first record, plus four totally new tracks!

The first single for their new song, “Come Down with Love”, will premiere September 17 on Radio Disney and then their video will be released September 19 on the Disney Channel. We’re obsessed with the song, and hung out with the guys all day at the song’s music video shoot- check back for our exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and interviews from the day!

But for now, check out this weeks tour questions! And, how cute do they look in this pic from our awesome day at Disneyland?!

Q: How do you sleep in the van?
Cameron: We have captain seats in the van, so they recline. It’s really hard to sleep in there, I always have to have earplugs!

Q: What question do fans ask you most when you meet them?
Michael: Most of the time it’s the same old question, ‘Michael, why are you so hot?’ It happens every day.

Q: Who is the hardest to wake up in the morning?
Nathan: I would say that Cameron takes the longest to wake up in the morning, but Michael definitely takes the longest to get ready. He has to put the lotion on, got to put the hair products in. I don’t get it, there’s no explanation.

Q: What do you like to have backstage before big shows?
Zach: I don’t really have that many things that I need before shows. But I do like to have a lot of water bottles, since I only drink water, and potato chips are nice. And I like fresh white t-shirts backstage.

Keep checking back for more exclusives from the hotties of ALLSTAR WEEKEND!