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MTV’s The Buried Life is ready to premiere Season 2 of their show, and you’re not going to want to miss out on the things they try to do! If you guys have never checked out The Buried Life, it’s a documentary of four guys who try and cross things off their bucket list, like surviving on a deserted island, asking Taylor Swift on a date and stealing a lock of Robert Pattinson’s hair! OMG!

We got the chance to talk with Duncan and when we asked about getting a piece of Rob’s hair he said, “The list item was actually to accept a dare, a big dare that made us very uncomfortable. We put it out to Facebook to dare us to do something and we’ll do it. To steal a lock of Rob Pattinson’s hair was the one that got the most votes so we accepted it.” We’ll have to wait for the episode to find out whether they did it or not!

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The guys were at the VMAs yesterday and we just had to ask what they thought of Justin Bieber! Duncan said, “We love the Biebs. We’re from Canada as well and both Drake and Bieber are from Canada so it’s cool to see them repping and doing what the do. We’re big fans of Drake and Bieber. We’ve met them a few times and they’re really cool guys.” Who wouldn’t love Justin?!

What’s also awesome about them is that they not only complete a list of items they want to do, but every time they complete something from their list, they help a total stranger complete something on theirs! In Season 1, they did some crazy things like play basketball with the President! Yes, you heard that right, they played basketball with President Barack Obama! Season 2 Premiere’s on September 27 at 10:30 PM PST/EST on MTV! You’re not going to want to miss the crazy things these guys do!

What do YOU think would be more difficult–asking Taylor Swift out on a date or cutting a piece of Robert Pattinson’s hair off? Tell us in the comment section below!?