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EXCLUSIVE: Matt Shively and Malese Jow are Joining The Troop!

October 15, 2010

Photo: James Dimmock /Nickelodeon

Before the weekend’s here, we have BIG, EXCLUSIVE news to announce. Matt Shively and Malese Jow are joining the cast of Nickelodeon’s The Troop! We got to hang out on set with Matt, Malese, Nicholas Purcell and Gage Golightly in Vancouver, Canada! They spilled all the season 2 details only to us! Malese says: “I’m so excited! My character’s name is Cadence. She brings the edge to the show! She’s the bad girl, causing some trouble. It’s so much fun!” And Matt said he’s having a blast filming the show: “I’m playing Kirby Bancroft-Cadworth III on The Troop. Being on the show has been so much fun. All of us are friends, and we hang out off set, too!”

Season 2 of The Troop will premiere in January. Check out the magazines for more behind-the-scenes photos and interviews from when we hung out with the cast!

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  1. boogawooga says:

    i dont know one person who watches that show i never knew they finshed season one!

  2. jessielf says:

    Sweet Malese :)))))))

  3. DSI says:

    thats shows ok but its not my favorite

  4. starpeace137 says:

    i am not a fan of that show who would

  5. iluvorange02 says:

    i don’t watch this show, but ok

  6. sk8tergal1013 says:

    I don’t watch the Troop, but I love True Jackson VP.

  7. ALLSTARFAN26 says:


  8. nemotoken says:

    that so is so boring

  9. sportylexi97 says:

    wth idont watch dat show…..who still watches dat show i thought it was over a long time ago….. ooops

  10. limegreenpanda says:

    i think i have seen one eposide but what happened to that other guy?????