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Could Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez Be College Classmates?!

November 3, 2010

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Both Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez have expressed interest in going to college. According to sources close to both stars, the two former both have their eyes on Northwestern University! Although Nick is putting college on hold in order to focus on his career, Selena hopes to complete credit courses online. Wouldn’t that be cool if Nick and Sel went to Northwestern together!? They could take the same classes and study together, too! We’re happy to see Nick and Selena thinking about their long-term plans along with their current superstar-status. Do you guys ever think about college? Would you want to go with your friends? Let us know!

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  1. ahria_jonas says:

    I have thought about college ever since I was 8. I want to go to Harvard, Julliard, or Stanford. And I would love to go with friends.

  2. superfoxxy1 says:

    Oh god already planning for college. I’m trying my best at playing the oboe cause playing the oboe well enough can get you a scholorship and I wanna go to Julliard. Oh yeah baby the school of music.

  3. sexii says:

    they look so cute together better than mily and nick i llove them both i love nick the most i do wish that you guys should brack up nick by urself u will do great joe takes all the shine for you and keven you guys should lieve him and do whAT YOU DO

  4. Lauren134 says:

    They are the BEST cupple EVER!!!

  5. musicloverrock says:

    EClaire: That’s super awesome!

  6. cinda313 says:

    They are so cute together and they should get back together after collage

  7. SliverPondGirl says:

    haha,haha,no.I guess it’s ok as long as they stay just friends long enough for me to get into the picture. 😉

  8. nana5837 says:

    i didnt even know there GOING to COLLEGE!!!!!

  9. zeldafanejp says:

    maybe But If there College for starts

  10. Emilykb20 says: