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Will Willow Smith Tour With Justin Bieber?!

December 8, 2010

(Photo by Kevin Winter/AMA2010/Getty Images for DCP)

Willow Smith took to Twitter to announce the most-exciting concert news of 2011! “Got news that my big bro @justinbieber invited me on his European Tour in March..so exciting! Maybe I’ll let Jaden come..LOL #NEVERSAYNEVER” We couldn’t believe it! The opportunity to whip your hair to both Willow AND Justin?! We this Willow is the perfect addition to Justin’s tour, and although we won’t be in Europe, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for them to reunite onstage in North America. Are you attending the European leg of Justin’s tour? Do you think Willow and Justin might collaborate on a song? Tell us your thoughts! Which Justin track can you hear Willow on?

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  1. Singer27 says:

    they should go on tour together because they both can’t sing so it’s a good combo!

  2. Emilykb20 says:

    Yes!Runaway love!

  3. LuvJustinBieber4eva94 says:

    That wouldve been so cool if Willow was in the American and Canadian Tour. That wouldv been AWESOME. I luv u Justin. and awesome news bout Willow huh?? lol. I whip my hair back and forth

  4. polkadotemmie says:

    How old is she like 10???? wow can he go on toue w/someone HIS age!

  5. BTRluvver4evaXOXO says:

    OMG!!!! WOW!!!! I feel soooo jealous!!! hahahahahah That’s so awesome that Willow is allowed to be with JB, but isn’t she at least a LITTLE young to be on tour at the age of 10???? But that’s a matter that the parents will decide(hopefully). STay awesome JB and Willow! Stay on top of the world!!! XOXO♥♥♥>3!!!!!!!;)

  6. pai1098 says:

    No offence to her fans. but i hope not!!!!!!!!!! I LUV JUSTIN but not a big fan of Willow.

  7. Justin-Bieber-Chick17 says:

    OMG his eyebrows are bugging me

  8. JustinBieberfan1213 says:

    Shes 10, who cares let her go! Its her choice, shes pretty, and mature for her age. Let her go, shes like a sister to Justin. But the only thing i dont like is she wears outfits that dont fit her.

  9. JustinBieberfan1213 says:


  10. sk8grl2992 says:

    YAY i <3 jb rock on jayden support breast cancer!