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CAPTION THIS: What’s Selena Saying?!

January 14, 2011

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

If you haven’t had the chance to see Selena Gomez perform live, you definitely should the next chance you get! Sel puts on an amazing, high-energy show every time. Need proof? Check out this cute, yet funny photo that they snapped of Sel giving it her all on stage. Can YOU give us your all with a caption? Leave your most creative and funny captions in the comment section below! Tell us what she’s thinking!

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  1. dwrocker101 says:

    she is like:
    “hey you! over there!! come here!! NOw were goin round and round”


    ps: i know its not very funny! SORRY!!! :(

  2. TJOHNSON says:

    she looks like she is giving a solo to someone :)

  3. ashley_miller09 says:

    “Nice try Justin! Yes, I see you! No hiding!”

  4. Aria says:

    “Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking to you.”

  5. YNBAavengers says:

    “You drummer gimme a beat” selena said.

  6. demiselenalover says:

    Hey you! Yeah you! Your the one that hacked into my Twitter account! D=<

  7. smileybieber22 says:

    Omg Look !!!!!!!! It’s Justin Bieberrr :O

  8. afedrox says:

    “Hey! You are the thunder and I am the lightning, so get over here because everything comes naturally, it comes naturally when you’re with me, baby”

  9. kjbrowning says:

    Hey you! Wanna sing with me?

  10. tigergurl22 says:

    i think she is saying ” Hey you over there do you know the lyrics to A Year Without Rain. Then get your butt on her miss!