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Win A Trip to See Taylor Swift in TOKYO!

January 1, 2011

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Have you had the pleasure of seeing Taylor Swift in concert yet? Maybe you guys are planning on seeing her at some point during her awesome tour in 2011. Well, Radio Disney is giving you a chance to do just that, but not just anywhere — somewhere super cool! Starting January 1, Radio Disney is giving you guys a chance to win a trip to Tokyo, Japan to see Taylor Swift perform live! Wow! All you have to do is enter online at RadioDisney.com or call 877-870-5678 from January 1 through January 13.

Do you want to see Taylor in concert? What’s your favorite song off her new album?

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  1. Alydabroncogirl says:

    Ya!! Id LOVE to see Taylor!! By far, the best song off her album is Enchanted by far. But I think Allstar Weekend almost sings it better.

  2. YNBAavengers says:

    This is such a gr8 idea!!

  3. lakeview23 says:

    wow tokyo would be great to go to and see you my favourite song out of your newest album is probably mine i always have that song stuck in my head!! :)

  4. jbrofan11 says:

    OMG OMG! I lovee Tay Tay Swift.. she is my idol! my favorite songS are Dear John ( im in a little situation like that… and his name is John.. how funny!! haha ) And Haunted.. same thing.. (: Oh OH OH and Enchanted.. I love that song, it means so much to me<33333

  5. koohuh says:

    i know! im her biggest fan. ive been trying to enter but they wont say the code word! one day i tried calling for 3 hours and nobody answered because the line was busy!!! i really really really want to win but its hard when theyre not saying the codeword!!! lol im so frusterated. i love all her songs :)

  6. atara says:

    omg i love taylor swift i would die to see her in concert i really really really hope that i win my favorite song is mine i love that song

  7. ilovetaylors_ says:

    I really love Taylor Swift! She is so amazing. My favorite songs by her is Speak Now, Back to December, and Mine! The song Back to December is about Taylor Lautner! I love that song! :)

  8. kat4life27 says:

    Taylor Swift is the awesomest artist in the world(at the moment). im so obsessed with her new album its literaly always in the backround. my play count for enchanted and speak now is over 300 and i bought the album last monday. Im so OBSESSED!!!!!!!$?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and for my crush (PLZ DONT BE IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE!PLZ DONT HAVE SOMEONE WAITING ON U!!!)i want to see her sing soooo much!!!! ive already forced my parents to buy me a ticket when she comes to my town!!!!!!!!!!!!$?!!!!!!!!thank u taylor for helping me get over someone!!!!!!!$?!!!!!!!!

  9. halle says:

    i love back to december

  10. Bristar says:

    My favorite song is mine from her album Speak Now.