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Bella and Zendaya: Texting At Dinner?

April 6, 2011

Shake It Up star Bella Thorne tweeted this adorable pic of herself and Zendaya texting. Looks like these two are really interested in whatever is on that phone! We know it’s Bella’s phone, so maybe Zendaya is helping her respond to a text! Do you think it’s from a boy?

UPDATE: Bella responds to our blog post! Looks like our suspicions were correct… now, who’s the lucky guy?!

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  1. nialove says:

    it is probably from a boy or a friend

  2. bunnygirl630 says:

    It might be Cody Simpson!

  3. BieberFevered143 says:

    – My first reaction is “Probably a BOY !” LOL(x & the other peoples’ comment are what I was thinking ! ^^

  4. farytale123 says:

    i think its their business and jst cuz theyre txting dusnt automatically mean its 2 a boy

  5. bieberfan47 says:

    rob pattison

  6. mmgk0309 says:

    robert pattinson is like 100 years old, like its robert pattenson! gosh, people aren’t as smart as they used to be.

  7. nialove says:

    anyone want to chat

  8. Polkadots49 says:

    clap 5 times post this on 10 other posts go to your room under your pillow will be an ipod and laptop doit it really works

  9. Mackbook says:

    I agree with fairytale123. It’s there business but Bella did decide to post this on her twitter so apparently it wasn’t that private. It was probably from a guy. Prob a friend or even has anyone ever thought it could be someone from there show? One of the actors, a producer, a director? Maybe since Zendaya was also helping her reply & stuff I figure it was something Bella thought was funny or maybe something for the show that they both needed to know about. Anyway I think it’s quite funny to text in a restaurant! Anyway me & a couple of other friends love your show! We never miss an episode!

  10. SelLampard says:

    aww..Cute! =)