The girls of Pretty Little Liars are already beautiful and such talented actresses, what else could they do to make them more perfect? They can sing and dance, too! The show creator, Marlene King, saw all the talent that the girls have and wants to include that into one of the new episodes. King says, “We’ve actually thought about doing a Black Swan episode because three out of the four Pretty Little Liars are ballet dancers.”

We have already seen Lucy Hale sing in one of the previous PLL episodes, but to have all the girls sing would be so exciting! Lucy says, “Actually, all the girls have really nice voices. We’re going to Glee it up on Pretty Little Liars!” We can’t wait to see what the show ends up doing. The ABC Family drama returns for season two on June 14, 2011 so mark your calendars!

Would YOU prefer to see the girls sing or dance on one of the new episodes? Let us know!