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Selena Gomez Describes Her PERFECT Weekend! Find Out What It Is!

April 7, 2011

Selena Gomez is a busy gal. If she’s not in the studio recording a song or performing it on stage somewhere, she’s probably on set filming a scene for her next movie or in the middle of an interview for a TV show. While Sel totally loves and enjoys what she does, sometimes she could use a break from all the limelight!

So, if Sel could do anything she wanted for a weekend, what would she do? Sel told Telegraph exactly how she’d spend her DREAM weekend!

Where would it all start off? On a plane home! Sel said, “In an ideal world though I’d be spending the weekend in Texas, which means taking a lunchtime flight out of LA. I was born in Grand Prairie, a city in Dallas County, and I absolutely love going back to stay with my grandparents. I’ll spend the afternoon catching up with my Nana and then I’ll surprise my 11-year-old cousin Brooke by picking her up from school. It makes my day seeing the look on her face when she spies me waving at her from the school gate.”

That sounds so sweet, Sel! Catching up with family is the best. What else would Sel do? Have a big sleepover with all her old friends, of course! “We’ll lay a bunch of mattresses out in the living room and have a slumber party, with lots of popcorn and takeout junk food, and we’ll fall asleep watching movies. We don’t get much sleep though because we can’t stop talking.”

Find out how Sel would spend the rest of her weekend by clicking HERE to read the rest of her interview.

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