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WATCH: Shake It Up Stars Spill on Summer Love!

April 15, 2011

With summer in the air, Shake It Up stars Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine can’t get crushing out of their heads! From costar dating rumors and summer crushes, they spilled it ALL exclusively to BOP and Tiger Beat. Check out our video to see what they had to say!

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  1. nialove says:

    omg i have a bf but of course i loooooooooove crushing

  2. Brookay11 says:


  3. littlemissgossip says:

    Anyways I would say they are dating. I mean it sounds like it!! Caroline Sunshine, I am not trying to be mean but is that your name?!?!?!?!?!??!!

  4. taylorlautnerlover28 says:

    Thanks for the advice Caroline and Kenton, I love your names guys! they are so unique like Kenton is a really cool name and so is Caroline, I love how Caroline’s name rhymes with her last name, I think thats really cool! 😀

  5. justinsfavgirlalex223 says:

    u guy wud b a cute couple lol sooo adorable both of u guys :} :] :-}

  6. truly2love says:

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  7. howecm says:

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  8. maddies778899 says:

    You guys rock! Love ya! By the way u r hilaruos on shake it up. that whole show is hilrous!

  9. demigod98 says:


  10. danirayn99 says:

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