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We Caught Nathan Kress Kissing His Real-Life Girlfriend!

April 19, 2011

iCarly hottie Nathan Kress has been quietly dating actress, singer and dancer Madisen Hill since last August, but now he’s revealing his love in a music video! Nathan’s a huge fan of indie rock musician Moi Navarro, so he agreed to star in Moi’s “Superman” music video alongside his gf. Check out his smooch with Madisen in the super cute vid, and tell us what you think of the song!

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  1. Bacongrl11 says:

    Good music video! I am the first comment!!!!!

  2. Bacongrl11 says:

    That was a good smooch!

  3. Bacongrl11 says:

    I didnt kno he could play guitar, or that he had a girlfriend!!!!!

  4. seaotter27 says:

    Ugh. I personally did not like that song, the guy was…weird looking, and he does not look anything like Nathan! I know it was just for a video, but seriously….

  5. celebcrazyer says:

    That was a good music video! I didn’t know he had a girlfreind!

  6. Snowcat says:

    Did I miss something…..
    I was a bit confused at the end cause the two girls (Nathan’s Gf and the singer’s Gf) look kinda the same super confusing! did anyone else think this? or is it just me? The Song was ok but its not something I would download

  7. kitkat2110 says:

    wow this song was ok but i cant belive thats his gf shes ok but still

  8. glamrock says:

    ~` haizt ., :(

  9. doma248 says:

    this video is so sead :(

  10. taylorlautnerlover28 says:

    Aw. that’s cute <3