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Name That Pup!

June 24, 2011

Happy Friday! We’re back with the final (and cutest) edition of Name That Pup. Take a look at this adorable chocolate-colored fuzzball! Do you know the owner of this pup? Read the clues below and click the bottom link when you’re ready to check your answer.

Plus, we want your pictures! Tweet us a photo of your dog (or cat, or bunny, or whatever!) and your precious pet could be featured on our website!

Photo by Splash News

1. This singer is an American sensation, but she wasn’t actually born here. She moved to the U.S. from Barbados when she was just 16!

2. The fiery diva actually goes by her middle name. Most people don’t know it, but her first name is really Robyn.

3. If we know anything from her music, this cutie forgets her name often and will share her umbrella with you any day.

Think you know who owns this dog? Click this link to reveal the answer!

Photo by Splash News

Did you guess today’s pup right? Rihanna named this cute poodle Oliver (just like Ashley Benson’s dog!). Leave a comment below and let us know which dog you liked best this week. Don’t forget to tweet us your puppy pictures, too!

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  1. Happyjonasfan says:

    I knew it was rihanna when it said umbrella! The dog is ADORABLE!!

  2. BieberHasSwag says:


  3. Star51 says:

    Such a cute pup!

  4. Coconutcupcake0000888 says:

    he is cute with Justin bieber

  5. vampgrl410 says:


  6. preetylittleliar says:

    it had me at she is a pop sensation lol

  7. llamas11 says:

    gosh i cant figure ANY of the name that pup things!but that dog is so cute! do any stars have pugs tho?

  8. jadej99 says:

    I liked Mileys dog “Mate”. He was my favorite(mate)

  9. tlJBABY says:


  10. CuteLexi01 says:

    I Got It BeCuz It Said Umbrella?? :)