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Will Justin and Selena’s Romance Last Through Summer?

June 16, 2011

Justin and Selena have been inseparable these days, but with breakup rumors on the rise, will Justin and Selena’s romance make it through the summer? Find out in the latest issue of BOP!

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  1. zozi11 says:

    yes tottaly i love them both sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eli@n@ says:

    I hope they make it through the summer. They are a beautiful couple. When I was like a crazy fan I was like I want them to break up but I was just over reacting. I hope they make it through summer. Such a beautiful couple. <3

  3. Katiestar says:

    Please Make It Through Summer !

  4. mypiepie says:

    wait is it august bop?

  5. gleek4ever says:

    I hope so but at the same time i dont…i TOTALLY support them more than any other hollywood couple but APPERENTLY justin is gunna propose to selena on her bday….. i love them but i dont want them to get married yet!!!!

  6. krissiejay143 says:

    yes…they should break up now…as we speak

  7. Benyaaaaaa says:


  8. smileyone123 says:


  9. gracie313 says:

    theyre both great people (especially my Biebs!) so i hopefully thinl it will last

  10. Nat27 says:

    I hope they do. They make such a good couple and i’m a fan of Selena and justin! <3