Hi everyone, Editorial Assistant Desiree here! Did you tune in to So You Think You Can Dance last night? Ashley, Caitlynn, Miranda, Robert, Chris and Mitchell were all in the bottom three. After dancing their hearts out in their solo performances, the judges had to make a very difficult decision and choose the two dancers that would be leaving the competition. I was absolutely shocked when the judges told Miranda she would be going home! Out of all the solo performances last night, I thought hers was definitely the best. She’s such a passionate and beautiful dancer, so it was very sad to see her go.

In case you missed it, here’s Miranda’s gorgeous solo to “Unthinkable.”

The other dancer who was eliminated last night was her partner, Robert. His super silly personality will definitely be missed!

So did YOU guys think the eliminations deserved it? Here’s what some of our Twitter friends said:

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