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Cody Simpson Rocks out for Radio Disney!

August 9, 2011

Aaron Cansler

We usually bring you all of the stars’ birthdays, but it looks like we forgot a big one last week – Radio Disney turned 15! To celebrate, they called on Cody Simpson to give an exclusive concert presented by Time Warner Cable at New York City’s Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. We wish we’d been invited! Shake It Up‘s Kenton Duty was also there to show his support.

Of course there was cake (it was a birthday party, after all), but there was also something a little special – a chance to get involved in charity! At the party, Cody signed Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds® pledge, which hopes to inspire the next generation of problem solvers by connecting kids and teens to things like science, technology and math. That cute and giving? We love Cody.

Who do you wish could perform a concert at YOUR birthday party? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. codyfan1 says:

    😀 omg cody crongrats!! its soo awesoem that you would hel people out there! thats what i would do if i was famous!! i wish i could meet you! you are soo inspiring!! i can’t wait for you to come to chicago :D!!!!! You rock and keep beign awesome with your talent!

  2. LexiLam27 says:

    congratulation cody

  3. snapplegirl11 says:

    Congratulations Cody! It’s so nice that you help people and get involved in charity. It’s so sweet and inspiring! I would want him perform a concert for me too!

  4. greysonluver612 says:

    congrats cody..[: luv ya

  5. bunnygirl630 says:

    I love him!!! I wish he could preform for me on my birthday.

  6. vampgrl410 says:

    i love you babe :)

  7. Sweetiepie64 says:


  8. loveugreysonchance says:

    k sweetiepie64 i have to say that was funny but there’s no reason to call anyone ugly (even if its Justin bieber) sorry belibers not in a mean way

    LOVE NOT HATE :)!!!!!

  9. ItssAl3xxBaby says:

    I would really love if Justin Bieber or Demi Lovato performed at my birthday!That will have been the BEST present ever!

  10. btrgal623 says:

    Big time rush, Justin Bieber, or Demi Lavato 😉