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Hot New Band Alert: Meet Hollywood Ending!

August 16, 2011

We love when new bands come to BOP and Tiger Beat headquarters to meet us. We especially love it when they’re a group of hot guys! Yesterday, an awesome new band called Hollywood Ending stopped by to chat with us about everything from flirting with girls to which guy they call “diva”. Watch Danny, Cameron, Chris, Tyler and Mike spill here:

Wanna know more about the band? Check them out in Disney’s ‘Next Big Thing’ competition!

TELL US: What do YOU think about Hollywood Ending?

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  1. cheyanneallstar says:

    LOVE them already!! Soo excited to see more of them!! :)

  2. rachel716 says:

    Love them! Dan is super cute and nice i met him last week at a rad bromance show

  3. shalahnicole says:

    They are really down to earth and love talking to their fans! Their music is incredible and they aren’t bad to look at either 😉 So yeah I like them.

  4. LexieKress143 says:

    There cool! I think i can go far :)

  5. kit102kat says:

    they are cute! cant wait to buy their music!

  6. LexiLam27 says:

    i dont think there r cute but i think i would like their music

  7. meg says:

    LOVE THEM SO MUCH <3 I always will. Especially Tyler. He's a amazing(:

  8. how2baheartbreaker says:

    we luv john fiorentino

  9. Chayse Marie says:

    Hey, OMG! Blondee! Chris! I love you! I wanna take your last name! Love Hollywood Ending! So yeah! Totally cant wait for you to come to Vernon!!