BOP and Tiger Beat got up close and personal with the star of Abduction (and Taylor Lautner’s possible real-life crush?!), Lily Collins. She’s stoked that the movie is coming out TODAY, and answered a bunch of juicy questions about what it’s like working with her famous, totally cute costar and her favorite memory from the set.

BOP&TB: Hi Lily! First of all, what was it like working with such a hottie?
Lily: I think Taylor Lautner is the guy everyone hopes he would be. When you admire someone as an actor, you really hope they’re as cool as they look. He is completely that person, extremely down to earth and humble. Yeah, he’s just totally cool.

BOP&TB: We’re jealous you got to kiss him. What was that like?
Lily: It was fun! I’m interested to see everyone’s reaction [to the kiss]. Everyone [on set] was very aware of the emotional scenes, whether it was the romance or drama in the mystery. Everyone was respectful of the mood on set.

BOP&TB: Did you have any embarrassing moments while filming Abduction?
Lily: Oh, definitely, especially when we were doing stunts in the middle of the night! There was tons of tripping, tumbling and bruises. Everyone just laughed when something happened!

BOP&TB: What’s your favorite memory from the set?
Lily: There’s a scene when Taylor and I are in a diner, and the entire glass wall shatters. We fall on the floor, and we kept laughing about falling. We did all the stunts, so it was crazy! It was so hot [because we filmed in the summer], but we had to pretend like it was freezing cold. There are just so many favorite moments that I don’t think I could choose one in particular.

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