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Totally Trendy: Lace Up Your Wardrobe This Season!

September 13, 2011

In the fashion world, pairing classic elegance with your own trendy, unique style makes for some serious “Ooh’s!” and head-turning stares. In this case, we’ve noticed the power of a certain wardrobe must-have this season: lace. Check out how these stars combine classy and fun in the best ways!

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Taylor Swift brings a quiet beauty to his simple-but-elegant lace dress. While the color is very subdued and natural, it is accented by the dress’s many intricate details — from the lace flowers, to the sheer flowery sleeves, to the blazer-like feel and neck design. And her bright red lipstick is the perfect cherry on top.

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We love this look and color combo on Kristen Stewart. The flower design at the bottom is so much more fun than a plain straight-across cut. The black waistline separates and contrasts the different flower designs, while the pretty bow on one shoulder makes the lace appear as if it is flowing atop the dress. Gorgeous!

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Talk about stunning! We love Selena Gomez in this black lacy dress (like a love song, baby!). With feathers and lace subtly accenting the entire dress, she gives off a feeling of grace and star power at the same time. The feathers around the neck and torso scream elegance, and the lace V-cut at the center of the dress shows off her shape. The short length of the dress is complimented by a long lacy piece that that draws attention to her legs. Throw in some carefully picked gold accessories and you have a definite fashion victory.

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In this fun yellow dress with a cute, sassy design, Demi Lovato looks beautiful and glows with a happy radiance. Her flowing locks, high wedges, and collection of bangles go perfectly with this fun lacy dress. The unique designs and lace around the top make this dress totally trendy.

What do YOU think of these lace-inspired dresses? Do you have any favorite lace pieces in your wardrobe that you like to wear? Tell us about them in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. parkhurst18 says:

    Selena Gomez!!!!!

  2. kayleerae says:


  3. IhEaRtALL3 says:

    Demi’s and Selena’s look soooo cute!!!

  4. pollyak says:

    OMG! Totally Selena! Kristen looks very cute too, but Demi and Taylor couldn’t pull it off.

  5. cutegrl says:

    SELENA 100000%

  6. shopgirly says:

    I like Selena’s the best! So cute! I also like Kristen’s and Demi’s. I love Taylor’s singing but not a big fan of her style.

  7. LunaWow says:

    I like Kristen’s and Demi’s

  8. cutie2114 says:

    all da above!!!

  9. koohuh says:

    taylor and selena are my fave celebs but i think kristen is best.

  10. superstar28 says:

    Selena and Kristen !!!!