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Cody Simpson Gets His Own Doll!

November 14, 2011

Here’s one for the old Christmas wish list: Cody Simpson is getting his own doll, just in time for the holidays. The Cody doll is set to hit stores this holiday season, but diehard fans can pre-order their dolls from Toys’R’Us to make sure they don’t miss out. How does Cody feel about being made into a toy? He loves it!

“I’m really excited for the release of my doll at Toys’R’Us this holiday season!” he said in a statement. “When things like this start to happen for an artist, you know that your career is moving in the right direction. I’m truly thankful for all of my fans. Without them, opportunities like this do not exist.”

Are you going ask for one of Cody’s dolls for Christmas? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. Kazyboo says:

    Can’t wait to get one I won’t ever open the box

  2. jadej99 says:

    No! It would probably give little kids nightmares.

  3. Emilykb20 says:


  4. pigslovepie says:

    I like how they made him and he’s really not!! haha

  5. TigerLily13579 says:

    I think it is so cool that he is getting his own doll because I think that the JB doll is wery stupid, the Cody one will be way better! <3

  6. TigerLily13579 says:

    I mean very awesome… 😛

  7. TigerLily13579 says:

    I mean very stupid 😛 sorry….. again.

  8. dancingqueen219 says:

    i don’t like cody simpson

  9. codylove says:

    i already pre-ordered mine for Christmas!AND Back off you haters, if you don’t like him than why did you go on this page, get a life cause your wasting mine jadej99, dancingqueen219! just go and act like the brat you guys are and make more people hate you! Bye!

  10. selgomezfan223 says:

    i luv cody but im not obbsessive like some peeps ^.^