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Get One Direction To Come To Your Town!

November 22, 2011

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

As Directioners already know, it’s official that the 1D hotties are coming to America in 2012. The guys will be crossing the pond for their tour with Big Time Rush (see dates here) starting in February of next year. Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Harry want to make the visit extra-special for their U.S. fans, so they’ve started an official website where YOU can compete to win a special event (with the boys in attendance!) in your very own city. Watch the guys dish the deets here:

TELL US: Will you complete One Direction’s challenges? Tell us where YOU think 1d should come visit in the comments section and on twitter!

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  1. vashappenin1D says:

    Yes I knew about this & I can’t wait to compete with everyone haha! NEW YORK!!

  2. pixiestar says:

    I dont know

  3. skyler512 says:

    CAMDEN ARKANSAS. yes beacuse nobody really think its a town its so small but so BEAST.

  4. 33Kimmy says:

    Second best news I’ve heard all year! other than 1D coming to tour here! I totally agree with @vashappenin1D! LET”S GO NEW YORK!! I live in PA but New York’s really close so hoping New yprk or D.C. wins!! SO EXCITED! XD

  5. llamas11 says:

    SOMEWHERE IN KENTUCKY PLZ! no stars ever come to Kentucky!!! if they can’t come to Kentucky, AT LEAST Cincinati Ohio plz!

  6. iLoveJBand1D says:

    i hope they come to LA or SF

  7. Mrs.Stypaylikson says:

    1D should come to Miami!!!! My life would be complete.

  8. white-BUNNY says:


  9. SimplyCeriah says:

    I think one direction should come to Cincinnati Ohio because nobody ever comes to Ohio and we really love one direction here !
    Also because whenever someone big does come the concert is usually sold out within minutes because everyone wants to meet them :( ! so please come to Cincinnati Ohio !
    – with love from your new found directioner Ceriah :)

  10. abbyrenee1007 says:

    they neeeeeeed to come to columbus,ohio!!!!! ALL of my friends and i absolutely LOVEE<33 them! it would be soo AMAZING. and a dream come true(; <33