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Signature Style with Niall Horan!

December 27, 2011

Tim Whitby/Getty Images

A signature style is a specific look that a celebrity has perfected. We’ve seen oh-so many amazing style choices in 2011, but now we’re going to zero in on some of our favorites. Take a peek and tell us which looks you absolutely love!

What is Niall’s signature style? Well, he just can’t get enough of zip-up hoodies and polo shirts.

Niall always looks completely comfy AND cute while wearing his hoodies, and he make a short-sleeved collared polo shirt look super hot. Both are simple and casual looks, but Niall looks amazing in both!

Is there another signature style he has that we missed this year? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!


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  1. emrosedu says:

    grosss hate him

  2. 1DZiamLover says:

    Rude Niall Horan is handsome

  3. larrystylinson1d says:

    ummmmmmmm how cud u h8 him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thts not posiible!!!!!!!!!! hes the worlds most perfect little leperchaun!!! *throws tantrum* lol

  4. greyson97 says:

    He looks sooooo good in a polo, especially the blue one, which brings out his gorgeous eyes :)

  5. gogators16 says:

    so cute!!!!!

  6. iLoveJBand1D says:

    He is perfection!<3

  7. pixiestar says:

    Well emrosedu you have issues! NIALL IS AWESOME!!!!

  8. abbey412000 says:

    dont know who he is, but he looks good. Like, the right color. But, if he did a smidge lighter of a blue, it would make his eyes pop more

  9. romyrox says:

    buttoned shirt with the top not buttoned with swag pants

  10. MovesLikeCarrots says:

    Emrosedu puts hate on all my comments of 1D. Ignore her/him.