March 2012 Tiger Beat is on stands 1/31/12 – 2/28/12


Do you know One Direction yet? If you still need a crash course, Tiger Beat has you covered with 14 TOTALLY TRUE facts about 1D in the March issue!

Selena loves singing and acting, but sometimes she talks about wanting to be a normal girl, too. Will Sel leave the spotlight completely? Find out ONLY in March Tiger Beat!

Taylor Lautner plays some super serious roles on the big screen, but in real life, he’s a secret goof! Find out five silly secrets Taylor has been keeping in March Tiger Beat!

Big Time Rush is going on tour (with One Direction!) and we have all of the inside scoop, ONLY in March Tiger Beat!

Cody Simpson isn’t above getting a little nervous now and then. Cody told us about the most terrifying performance he ever had to give ONLY in March Tiger Beat!

Taylor Swift is known as a good girl, but how does she feel about that rep? Does Taylor secretly want to be bad? Find out in March Tiger Beat!


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