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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Info about Cody’s Birthday Celebrations!

January 13, 2012

We spent the whole day with Cody Simpson yesterday at our exclusive photo shoot – and we got a lot of cool scoop for you guys. Cody’s birthday was Wednesday, so we decided to throw him a mini-birthday party (complete with cupcakes and candles that spelled out his name!). Cody also spilled about what he did on his actual birthday.

“I went to a basketball game last night for my birthday!” he gushed. “I was in the studio all day on my birthday, so I had some friends come visit at the studio, but at night I went to the Clippers and the Heat game. I was with my family and we had a box to sit in. We all chilled there and it was really fun! I ate lots of food and hung out.”

What’s YOUR idea of a perfect birthday? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. destinyhopecyrusfan says:

    im having a birthday party on january 21st (my actul birthday) and we are having a a sleepover party with 5 other friends and we are going to comedy sportz and then eating pizza, playing games, (mario kart)and watching movies!! (Ace venture when nature calls) then the next day we are going to eat our dads delish pancakes and go do 3 games of laser tag!!! and that is my idea of a perfect birthday party!! <3

  2. JillCody143 says:

    I blow out my candles on December 24th!! yes it’s Christmas Eve. Even though my birthday past I would love to spend a day Cody Simpson!! He is soo awesome and sweet!! 😉

  3. Cody143Simpson says:

    For my birthday this year I went to a selena gomez concert but not on my actual birthday because my birthday is halloween

  4. Emilykb20 says:

    My 24th birthday was absolutely perfect!I went to go 2 my sisters in memphis,i had a red velvet cupcake.It was in front of me.My sister&her husband gave me a huge picture frame!

  5. dancingqueen219 says:

    i would love to throw a sweet sixteen party! i can’t wait for that!

  6. FashionEvelyn says:

    My plans are pizza, ice cream cake, soda,music and most important family and friends! :) 😉 😛

  7. miss_shopping598 says:

    my idea of a perfect birthday is to spend with family and friends, have a fabulous party, get all the things i want (iPod touch, laptop, cell phone) and have a good time!!!

  8. pinkfashonista says:

    mine is at the beach meeting my fave celebs and getting there auto+having cake with mt pic on it! :)

  9. Katie_Bugg143 says:

    I’m tring to convince my mom to take me to the #WelcomeToParadise tour and make that the only thing I get for my birthday even though my birthday is 5 months later.

  10. pixiestar says:

    I say on a celebrity concerts :)