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Marry, Date, Dump: Pranksters

January 6, 2012

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Time for another round of Marry, Date, Dump! If you haven’t played before, don’t worry, the rules are really simple. We’ll give you three guys and you have to pick which one is so perfect you’d want to marry him, which one is cute and fun, but just dating material and which one you would kick to the curb. For this round, we want to find out which humor-loving hottie you’re crushing on!

So make your picks and tell us why in the comments below! When it comes to Louis Tomlinson, Justin Bieber and Carlos Pena which would you marry, which would you date and which would you dump?

Tell us your answers in the comments!

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  1. mymonkey1105 says:

    Marry: Louis Tomlinson
    Date: Justin Bieber
    Dump: Carlos Pena

  2. ShannonKlemke says:

    MARRY: Justin Bieber
    DATE: That 1D boy. Idk his name I dont like 1D.
    DUMP: Carlos Pena. I dont like Big Time Rush either.

  3. lovingnathankress says:

    Marry: Justin Bieber!
    Date: Carlos Pena
    Dump: the last guy. lol

  4. prettyprincess13 says:

    My friend says
    Marry: Justin bieber
    Date:Louis tomlinson
    Dump:Carlos Pena

  5. K3ndallFSchmidt says:

    Marry: Carlos Pena! I <3 BIG TIME RUSH!
    Date: Justin Bieber
    Dump: That 1D guy

  6. marisol180 says:

    Marry: Louis Tomlinson
    Date: Justin Bieber
    Dump: Carlos Pena

  7. dancingqueen219 says:

    Marry: Justin
    Date: Carlos
    Dump: Louis

  8. Tinkyx7 says:


  9. BTRusherMaK says:

    Marry: Carlos Pena <3
    Date: Justin Bieber
    Dump: Louis Tomlinson

  10. MemilyC1 says:

    I would Marry Carlos because I am Just IN LOVE with him The LOVE of My Life(:
    I Would Date Louis because he is JUST ADORABLE!!!(:
    I Would Dump Justin because….well I have no other choice I like him least from all three of them(: