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Niall Horan: Even Hotter With Braces

January 19, 2012

Anyone with eyes can clearly see that One Direction‘s Niall has always been totally hot. Did you know that just last month, the Irish superstar got braces? He did! A lot of guys look less-than-adorable rocking the teeth straighteners, but not Niall. We think he looks even hotter as he rocks his braces with confidence! He’s just oh-so cute, with OR without braces!

Tell us: Do you think Niall looks hot with braces?

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  1. iamcasey723 says:

    you’re both rude! You wouldn’t like someone saying that about you.

  2. magenta643 says:

    no matter what he does, he’ll always be sooo hot<3

  3. iamcasey723 says:

    agreed! magenta643:p

  4. TinkwithNandos says:

    He is hot and pinki8824 and FanofShakeitup u two just be quiet.. Niall is beautiful :)..

  5. brigitie13 says:

    Niall Horan looks more cute with braces but no matter what you use as long as you like, but that’s always going to be cute as it is and also the band….. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION…. :) :) :)

  6. shnackiesgirl says:

    I think he’s perfect no matter what. He’s not just some hot guy…he’s Niall. And he’s amazing. He shouldn’t be made to feel like he’s not “hot” unless his teeth are straight. I liked his crooked teeth, they made him adorable. And they made him more Niall than his braces, honestly. I learned to love his flaws, which soon turned into perfections in my eyes. I wish everyone could do the same, so maybe he would. But things like this, saying he’s hotter with braces because it’s fixing something that wasn’t wrong with him isn’t helping. Honestly, whoever writes this…would it help you? No. I didn’t think so.

    Also, to the people saying he’s ugly, you may think so, sure. We all have different tastes. But you could say it in a nicer way, maybe “I don’t think he’s attractive either way.” Because I don’t think you’d like it very much if someone was calling you ugly. I know I wouldn’t.

  7. Noaadub says:

    I allways love him :) i truly don’t think it matters . i love him just the way he is =)

  8. directionerny says:

    he was perfect the way he was! he didnt need braces. his teeth made him special

  9. brigitie13 says:

    I always go to niall horan loving as he is and always will be and always to the boys of ONE DIRECTION of course… :) :) :)

  10. Emilykb20 says: