[credit]Selena Gomez[/credit]

Turns out, it’s her family.

We all love Selena for embracing herself for who she is and being honest with her fans, but her family sometimes thinks she goes a little too far with one of her favorite stage rituals.

Selena posted a photo on Instagram that she took while getting a piggy back from her step dad Brian with the caption “So every time I perform Who Says I always go barefoot (which everyone hates, but it’s fun) so that means Brian has to give me piggy back rides all the way out of the venues :).”

But just like in her music video for “Who Says,” Sel is all about going natural. Just like she walks around Los Angeles without shoes in the video, she loves to go on stage baring her feet to the audience. And even if some people hate that habit, “that’s the price of beauty,” right?

What do you think of Selena’s barefoot piggy back rides? Do you think she should change her ritual and sing “Who Says” with her shoes on? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!