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Our Candy-Coated Photo Shoot with Kenton and Caroline!

February 10, 2012

Hey BOP & Tiger Beat readers! We just had an awesome photo shoot with Shake It Up’s Caroline Sunshine and Kenton Duty in a candy shop and we’ve barely recovered from the sugar rush! Caroline posted a photo from the shoot on Instagram and it totally shows off the tons of scrumptious sugary confections Caroline and Kenton were surrounded by!

Caroline Sunshine

We can’t wait for you to see these photos when they make it into the magazines!

What candies do you love? Are you excited to see the photos from the Caroline and Kenton shoot? Leave us a note in the comments or on Twitter!

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  1. dancingqueen219 says:

    omg! i want all of that candy!

  2. glampop33 says:

    Ummmmmm……. Sugar high for days!

  3. OMGLOLKK says:

    mouth watering

  4. GreysonSimpson143 says:

    Suddenly hungry…..

  5. bellathrn_143 says:


  6. christal_6911 says:

    Aww He Stole My Candy -.-

  7. Belieber99 says:

    I love twixs , milky way , snickers, sugar belts , and HERSHEYS!!!!!

  8. pixiestar says:

    TOTALLY! mine is Twix

  9. TBfan23 says:

    those candy sound good to you guys i hate candy

  10. fashonista_queen says:


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