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POLL: Do You Like Willow’s Rockin’ New ‘Do?

February 3, 2012

Not more than a day ago, Willow Smith posted a photo of herself on her WhoSay account of her newly shaved hair!

Willow Smith

We can’t help but wonder why Willow decided to cut off her adorable hair! Either way, we love her style. Willow may not be able to whip her hair back and forth anymore, but we think this new style she’s sporting is absolutely rockin’! What do you think of it? VOTE in our poll below!

What do you think of Willow’s new look? Do you have any guesses as to why she shaved off her hair? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. xxzeldalovexx says:

    No. Just no.

  2. QTpie1230 says:

    Yuck! That’s just nasty! I think she is walking Britney Spears’s foot steps! Well she has her same bald hair do. Haha it’s not a HAIR do anymore. (get it?)

  3. ryanbeattyrocks says:

    omg y did she do tht…now she got nothing to whip LOL!!!

  4. iimSoMindless says:

    iiBet You itts 4 Cancer

  5. KatyPerrylove says:

    Uhh, I never really liked her style, but this is just uhhh, how do I say this?WEIRD!!!!!!!

  6. dancingqueen219 says:

    i do not like it at all

  7. Denise90365 says:

    I whip my skull back and fourth? LOL…WHYYYYYY WILLOWWWW!!?!?!?!??! :(

  8. alex123ophone says:


  9. NerdyChick says:


  10. amartinezgirl2000 says:

    o willow…..y did u cut ur hair!?!?! no offense but it kinda makes u look like a boy…sorry but thats the truth….