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Trailer: Mackenzie Foy on The Haunting Hour

February 3, 2012

We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely seen a creepy doll or two in our time. Today’s Haunting Hour episode features Breaking Dawn’s Mackenzie Foy as a girl who finds a doll and begins to discover strange things happening around her. Watch it and let us know what you think!

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  1. pixiestar says:

    Oh cool!

  2. nflgirl17 says:

    looks pretty good!

  3. maddies778899 says:

    no way! i love this movie! i want to see this so badly! lilly the evill doll! i saw the first one so good!

  4. cherryface101 says:


  5. lailaloulou says:

    i want to watch that so bad now :) HAPPY

  6. panda76 says:

    That looks so creepy…

  7. Mackenzie324 says:

    its creepy

  8. Drely14 says:

    I’m not watching that video unless it has Joel Courtney in it I’m not watching it!!

  9. loveo says:

    if you luv your mom post this to 20 pictures, 1 girl ignored this and her mom died 365 days later, i rlly h8 chain mails and im soooo sorry if u saw this i love my mother