Hey, guys! It’s that time of the week again: Twitter Tuesday! Try to guess which of your favorite stars tweeted the following posts, and tell us in the comments section below. Be sure to check back next week for the answers. Good luck!

1. Im so addicted to shoes…… Its such a problem. #sigh

2. #thatawkwardmomet when you think people are calling your name but they’re actually talking about the weather.

3. not trying to brag, but I definitely just made the yummiest cup of instant hot chocolate. not trying to exaggerate, but it changed my life.

4. I’m so not a morning person. No matter when I go to bed. I guess I better marry a vampire.

5. omlette in the braces not good

Here are the answers to last week’s Twitter Tuesday. Let us know how you did!

1. Kesha
2. Jasmine V
3. Ashley Tisdale
4. Leon Thomas
5. Jennette McCurdy