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Who Wore It Best: John Carter Premiere

February 24, 2012

Tons of Disney Channel stars showed up for the premiere of John Carter, a new Disney science fiction/fantasy film about a Civil War Confederate Army captain who ends up on Mars and takes on the duty of saving the inhabitants of the planet!

It looks like an awesome film and some of our favorite celebrities strutted down the red carpet in inspired fashion before seeing the movie! And all of them looked really rockin’!

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Bella Thorne looked very beautiful in her neutral colored Native American-inspired dress! Bella really knows how to shine in glitz and glamour – her hair especially looked like a glossy image of perfection, completing her adorable outfit!

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We cannot get over how gorgeous Alexa Vega looks in this leather get-up! It’s the perfect mixture of glam and rocker chic and totally complements her raven black locks! Her accessories and metallic shoes are the perfect way to top off an already wonderful look.

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Zendaya is looking casual and cool in a tee and metallic pants. She caps off the look with awesome accessorized boots that give her both a girlish and a comfortable look. This look is perfect for Zendaya, who loves to dance and always looks great in neutral and dark tones.

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Looking positively gorgeous, Caroline Sunshine walks down the red carpet in stripes and dark nail polish. Though she maintains a casual exterior, she looks super dressy in metallic lace-ups and long flowing blonde hair! We just love this look on Caroline!

What is your favorite outfit at the John Carter premiere? Are you interested in seeing the movie? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. cottona says:


  2. tswiftsgomezfan says:

    I like them all but will have to go with Bella as the best one

  3. nocheeseforme says:

    bella’s dress is really coll, but i don’t think it would be a good look for me.

  4. adush says:

    I love Zendaya’s outfit and Bella’s heels!! ♥

  5. Chance1101 says:

    Zendaya and Caroline sunshine

  6. BTRFan638 says:

    I can’t tell between Bella or Zendaya tough one but…..Bella I guess both are cool

  7. selenagomezawesome says:

    I absolutely adore Z’s makeup and luv C’s dress not a big fan of B’s dress though

  8. Emilykb20 says:


  9. Emilykb20 says:

    Zendaya!Not really!

  10. ruvilia816 says:

    i think she looks nice she is in the mood:)