If you aren’t already a fan of the Hunger Games Facebook page, then you might not have seen the amazing clip from the movie that popped up recently showing Katniss using her bow and arrow in front of the Gamemakers who will assign her training score before competing in the games.

It’s one of the best scenes in the book when Katniss shows her true colors and really shows the Gamemakers and everyone at the Capitol what she’s made of!

In the clip, Katniss hits the bullseye on a target and then when she notices that no one is watching and judging her abilities, she shoots right through an apple in the mouth of a suckling pig! At first she’s nervous that this act of defiance will get her a lower score, but she ends up impressing the Gamemakers more than anyone else in the Hunger Games! Check out the full clip below!

There has been so much hype about The Hunger Games lately! Does this clip make you excited to see the movie? Are there any other scenes that you’re really anxious to watch? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!