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One Direction Join the Nickelodeon Family!

March 14, 2012

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

One Direction have already made a couple of really strong Nickelodeon connections (like touring with Big Time Rush and guest starring on iCarly), so it’s not a HUGE surprise to hear that they’re officially joining the Nick family. The Nickelodeon upfronts were today in NYC and that means the announcement of new TV shows in the works. Included on that list: A live-action show starring the guys of 1D!

What do you think of this news? Will you watch 1D’s show on Nick? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. JanelleBush47 says:

    OMG i definitely will watch it!! I luvv One Direction sooooooooooo much!! I can go on about them forever <3

  2. onedirection11 says:


  3. dianaabrams2000 says:

    1 one to comment! im so excited for 1Ds show on nick! i love them so much im their #1 fan!

  4. dianaabrams2000 says:

    oops i meant 3

  5. onedirection11 says:

    But we dont get nicklodeon in Canada :(

  6. debbyryanno1fanolivia says:

    Cool!! They r SOOOO cute

  7. winkie305 says:

    ID SO TOTALLY WATCH IT <3… But would nickelodian take the real boys that we know and love and mold them into scripted characters for only tween and younger to appreciate?! I WANT EVERYONE TO LUV THEM! <3

  8. heyybrittany19 says:

    i really don’t want this to happen :( i love the boys with all my heart and want to support them in whatever they do, but i feel like they would flop after this. they need to stay true to who they are. Nickelodeon is a network for children, and the boys are definitely not kids. they would have to start watching what they say more and more, and are going to have to attempt to be “perfect.” they are no where near perfect. they make mistakes because they are all teens (minus louis). i personally love them because they say what they want, act how they want, and it’s perfectly legal for them to drink in the UK, so they do, and they have some drunk interviews. they act like the boys that they truly are, and should not have to alter that for a tv show, and eventually on stage.

  9. mellissette says:

    NO, NO, NO, they belong on MTV not Nickelodeon!! I love One Direction, their perverted jokes and ways and how they curse and their nudity, they shouldn’t have to change for anyone, they said thats what makes them different, they dont change, they’re themselves and true directioners know this! plus i blame their management!

  10. C00k13_M0n5t3r24 says:

    Im not all okay with the having a show on Nick, but whatevers good for band is good for me ( like i said before):P! But im a directioner so im going w/ their decision its all good #1DFamily!! It would pretty cool of Big Time Rush could guest appear on The new 1D show.