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What Do You Think of the Bully Movie Debate?

March 31, 2012

Victoria Justice

The new movie Bully has gotten a lot of attention from young Hollywood! Stars like Demi Lovato and Victoria Justice have spoken out in support of the movie, which was given an “R” rating for language, being lowered to a PG-13 rating so that the kids in school who are REALLY dealing with bullying have a chance to experience its important message first hand. What do YOU think of the debate of the rating for Bully? Do you think it should lowered to PG-13? Sound off and tell us what you think in the comments!

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  1. --MileyDemiFan-- says:

    Yes because I think people more around the bullying age should be able to see it. Cause people who are 17 and older are mostly already past the stage of being bullied!!

  2. seaotter27 says:

    I had not heard of this movie before, and even if I had, my mom wouldn’t have let me watch it if it originally was rated R. So obviously having never seen it I may have no clue what I am talking about, but I am guessing that they could still have portrayed bullying accurately and used less language…and possibly whatever else it might have been rated R for. And yeah, like you guys said, the people who are actually being bullied (for the most part) are too young to watch an R movie! You’d think people would be able to figure that out when they’re making a movie, sheesh.

  3. lol8000 says:

    rate it pg. i really wana watch that movie

  4. debbyryanno1fanolivia says:

    Well, I haven’t heard of it, but if it says the f bomb then R, if not, PG13

  5. jessbieber says:

    You should make it 10 years and older because im 10 and there is alot of bullying and ppl already are saying bad words even Kindergartiners!!! I got spat on and sweared at by a kindergartiner Im like really? wats wrong with u? Soo many kids are saying it the whole school knows bad words so it should be 10 years and older. I got bullied so much!!!! I hated it now im taking a stand! No one can bug me or my friends! I just hate bullies CANT THEY FIND A LIFE!?

  6. GabiluvsPeeta says:

    Although I am glad that this new rating allows more people who are most likely experiencing something like this to see it, I do think that some of the material is just too harsh to see if you are younger than about 14. It is such a great movie but very difficult to watch the cruelty that it centers on.

  7. purplerocks11234 says:

    If this movie rated r for language then I think that it is stupid because half the 13 year old use bad language so i think it should have been rated pg13 in the first place. I personally have never heard of this movie but I’m under 13 and I want to see it because i have witnessed bullying at school. Over all, not a bad idea to rate it down. Just saying

  8. Tigerbeatfan143 says:

    I think it should be lowered to PG-13 because there are a lot of kids in like middle school who expierenced bullying. Even in elementary school kids have been bullied. They should lower it so people in lower ages could watch and enjoy it.

  9. princess26 says:

    never heard of it

  10. Emilykb20 says: