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Harry’s New Twitter Pic!

May 21, 2012

Harry Styles

For most people, changing your Twitter icon isn’t big news. But then, most people aren’t the ever-adorable Harry Styles. The One Direction updated his profile picture on the site and we’re loving it. It’s a little blurry with a bunch of red balloons blowing in the background. It totally captures Harry’s laid back personality!

What do you think of Harry’s new Twitter picture? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. cassiestyles200 says:

    ok here it is my birthday is coming up and all i want for it is to meet one direction and yea your proballly all wondering why i deserve it more than anyone else well i dont but i love them and i just really want to meet them and i hope anyone can find it in your heart to help me meet them<333

  2. Stephy Fa says:

    HE.IS.HOT. I love himmmmmm !!!!!!! <3

  3. Emily678 says:

    i love one direction!

  4. Alice Styles says:

    So freaking adorable. I love that boy <3

  5. Shania Styles says:

    im in love with Harry. everyone in my family knows how much i love him xD

  6. ay108 says:

    Cute!!! but it would be better if it was a little less blurry.

  7. Onedirectioner4ever says:

    I hate wen people call the guys hot especially zayn but it sounds slutty jus saying!! But he looks cute!!

  8. moisha vega says:

    i love it the blurriness give sit alot of character!

  9. 1dluver18 says:

    I LOVE Harry! <3 (but not as much as Liam)

  10. dancingqueen219 says: