Breaking news! This very minute we got word that Shake It Up season 3 is a go! Yay! So much excitement to look forward to with Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Roshon and Caroline Sunshine. The super bad news is one of our favorite characters, Gunther — played by Kenton Duty — will not be returning as a series regular. Oh, no! But don’t worry, he WILL be back as a guest star throughout the season. We just spoke with Kenton, and here’s what he exclusively told BOP and Tiger Beat:

“I have had a wonderful time the past two years playing such a wonderful character that I was able to bring to life in such a memorable way. I have learned so much on the set of Shake It Up, and I have made wonderful friends, who have turned into my second family. Lately, I have been given so many diverse opportunities that I decided it was time to explore these great new offers. To my fans of the show, I will see you again next year when Gunther pops in to say ‘Hello Bay-Beees’!”

The Disney Channel exclusively tells us about Kenton’s departure:

“As always in the creative process, story direction evolves and when it does, it can require that characters come and go and cast members’ status be adjusted accordingly. The producers are not replacing Kenton Duty as Gunther and are looking forward to developing new storylines for the character and Kenton’s great talent.”

Awww, we’re going to miss you, Kenton!

P.S. In October BOP, you’ll get the full, exclusive story from Kenton about this and what he’s got coming next. Keep an eye out when it goes onsale August 14.