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Bella Thorne is ready to add another title to her super long resume (actress, dancer, singer, style icon — what can’t she do?!). She’s officially a global ambassador for Stomp Out Bullying, a cyberbullying and anti-bullying national program for kids and teens.

“I was bullied a lot when I was younger. So it’s really close to my heart,” Bella explains. “It’s amazing that I’m able to be a global ambassador for Stomp Out Bullying.”

“I’ve been to lots of schools and I’ve talked to kids about bullying and it’s so sad every time I go there,” Bella admits. “There are always so many kids that talk about how they’ve been bullied so much in their school, and that breaks my heart. I know how much it sucks.”

Bella used to get teased because of her dyslexia, which makes it very hard for her to read. But today, Bella is a great role model — and she’s taking a stand against bullies! If you could be a global ambassador for an organization which one would you wish to help with? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!