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EXCLUSIVE: Meet New Country-Pop Singer Tyler Matl!

August 24, 2012

The country-pop genre of music isn’t reserved for only Taylor Swift. Speaking of the Billboard princess, we got to chat with a 17-year-old with some very Swifty vibes, Tyler Matl. In fact, this Nashville, Tennessee, native told us Taylor Swift is probably his biggest inspiration. He loves playing guitar and singing, and he has a knack for writing lyrics that people can relate to. He is currently #4 on Nashville singer-songwriter charts and has over 100,000 YouTube views! Plus, he’s super sweet and down-to-earth!

Check out our EXCLUSIVE interview with Tyler above to hear him talk more about his sound and his Taylor Swift connection (he was in one of her music videos!). He also gives some great tips for making your singing dreams come true. Watch the music video for his current single, “Filthy Liar,” below, and look for his new EP, “Searching for Juliet,” this fall!

What do YOU think of Tyler Matl? Do you like his sound? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. SportyGurl143 says:

    eww he ugly

  2. dancingqueen219 says:

    Eh…he’s okay.

  3. katy styles says:

    he is not ugly….he is just getting started and he is already getting hate….just stop it!!!!he doesnt deserve the hate at all!!!!and if ur making fun of him than ur proably just jealous….right????

  4. katy styles says:

    and he is an awesome singer :)

  5. pixiestar says:

    It’s a nice song :)

  6. Jules1331 says:

    Loved the other videos on his You Tube too! I can’t wait for the EP! Plus he’s so cute! <3

  7. Mostepic says:

    He’s great singer. And he’s really hot

  8. kitcat123 says:

    I saw him on tour in Nashville at Teen Hoot!He was HOT!!!amd the video is on youtube to prove it ! :)Super nice,awesome singer,can’t wait for next album.

  9. M&M says:

    He is really good! Great talent!LOVE new single Super Human on Reverbnation!Can’t wait for it to go on sale.I heard around Nashville it had Kenny Chesney,Lady Antebellum,and Taylor Swift’s musicians playing for him on the single!The music ROCKS and so does HE!!!

  10. bieberfelton says:

    Im so proud of Tyler! Matlizer forever! <3