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Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato!

August 20, 2012

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Today Demi Lovato officially leaves her teenage years behind. The “Give Your Heart a Break” songstress seems like such an old soul (seriously, “Skyscraper” was so powerful it’s hard to imagine it was sung by a teen) that we’re sure she’s ready to go into her twenties. Still we wonder how Demi will celebrate the big day. We’re sure in total rock star fashion, as usual. Leave her some love in the comments!

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  1. Jasmine Steenkamp says:

    Happy Birthday Demi!!

  2. Demi is stupid says:

    More like ugly lovato

  3. faith says:

    happy birthday demi!! demi is cool not stupid

  4. 4EvrLove1D says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! If you hate people then you are just a hater. Please don’t send any mean things it is never nice especially since its your birthday you don’t want someone saying I hate you on your birthday!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!”

  5. Emma Goff says:

    Happy Birthday Demi!

  6. sarah says:


  7. olivia says:

    i love demi keep it girl and happy birthday

  8. princess26 says:

    happy birthday! i luv u so much! ur an inspiraton to me! luv ya! and demi in MOT ugly! she beautiful!

  9. jb.lover says:

    Happy birthday Demi ! luv ya! and @Demi is stupid: really? You can be more mature an go beyond sening someone hate notes on their birthday

  10. Bellarina13 says:

    happy b day LOVE U you gave me SO MUCH HOPe!!<3