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Kristen Stewart: “I Became an Actor Because…”

August 29, 2012

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Lionsgate

Some people get into acting because they want to be famous. Others get into it because they love performing or to get over a fear like public speaking. And some people, apparently, are just bored and want something to do.

Kristen Stewart says she fell into the last category.

“At first, the reason I started doing this was literally just because I wanted a job,” she told Little White Lies during an interview about her new movie On the Road. “My parents are crew – my mom’s a script supervisor; my dad’s an AD – and I always looked up to them, I really totally completely glorified the movies. And so at first, I really just wanted the responsibility. I wanted adults to talk to me. I wanted to be involved. I was bored.”

Okay, Kristen. You know, most people just go on Facebook or Twitter when they’re bored. We’re going to have to try YOUR boredom buster next time.

What do you think about how Kristen says she got into acting? Why would YOU want to be an actor?

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  1. Maddie says:

    I would want to start acting in a small play, but not in a huge movie. I would only go small.

  2. blakiecatty says:

    I want to be an actress because i want people to know who i am. I I am tired of being hidden in the background and i just want people to know who i am.

  3. delaney says:

    That’s kinda sweet anyway I want to be an actress beacause it’s my dream to be a preformer I love to sing and do all that kinda stuff!

  4. jb.lover says:

    I would want to act so I wouldn’t be hidden in the background. Life is depressing when you’re TOO normal; I agree with @blakiecatty because I would also like to act to fulfill my wonderful dream of becoming an actress!

  5. AllStars says:

    She s soo different that s why I loovee herr♥♥♥love ya Kristen :*

  6. Andrea52 says:

    Im an actress for the same reason that she is and for other reasons too :)

  7. Swiftie299 says:

    I am shunning kristain until her and rob get back together

  8. Swiftie13 says:

    I think it would’ve been better if she got into it cause she actually liked it! If I got into acting it would be because I would want to show a different side of me and be wacky and creative!

  9. pixiestar says:

    It’s kinda weird about her reason, I did do auditions but I wanted to quit because I didn’t like it 😛

  10. Kplover says:

    life is too depressing angering and i want an escape and i want to become famous that why i would act. i really want to become famous so that i can change the world.